Is Your Building’s Exterior Prepared for a Storm?

The exterior of a company building is in many ways integral to the success of the business. Poor exterior maintenance reflects poorly on the image of a company in Brooklyn, NY especially if there are visible signs of disrepair. The building’s exterior also serves as an important line of defense against a large storm. High winds, heavy rains, ice and hail can be fierce at times and they will find any weakness in siding, roofs, windows and doors. Fortunately, chinks in the armor of a building do not happen overnight but develop over time. A vigilant plan of action can mitigate storm action, reduce expenses and secure the assets of a business.

Preventative Steps

A smart company prepares for the inevitable day a storm comes. Here are some actions related to exterior maintenance that strengthen a building’s ability to withstand adverse weather:

Full building inspection by the maintenance staff or by a specialized contractor
Scheduled program of roof repair and inspection
Cleaning of storm gutters and drains
Prompt repair of any weakness in the siding
Investigation of the seals on windows, doors and other openings

A building maintained by professionals is more likely to hold up in a large storm. Small openings can lead to big problems if not fixed.

Timely Actions

The neglect of exterior maintenance that leads to weakness can be stopped with planning and forethought. Failure to prepare may result in storm damage and roof leaks that can disrupt the operations of a company and result in large expenses. If water damage does occur from a storm, a reliable storm remediation team can be on site fast. Trained professionals have powerful equipment such as fans and vacuums to remove the water, and they can even secure your building with tarps and boards if the damage is severe. A big part of preparation is knowing who to call when fast action is needed.