4 Tips for Successful Residential Mold Remediation

Mold spores are tiny, silent invaders that are gaining access to your home all the time. With the right combination of spores, humidity and nutrient-rich material, mold will grow quickly. You may not know it’s even there until it’s out of control. So, you must begin the mold cleaning process immediately and handle it with care. Follow these tips for successful residential mold remediation:
1. Set Up a Containment Area
Mold spores are very lightweight and will float on the air currents through your home. Before you begin cleaning it’s important to contain the area as much as possible, ideally setting up a negative airflow environment. This includes covering air vents and cracks in doorways.
2. Wear the Proper Attire
Protective coveralls, shoe covers, goggles and a high-grade respirator are important attire for DIY mold cleanup. This protects you and prevents cross-contamination to other areas of the home.
3. Properly Dispose of Damaged Materials
During the mold cleaning process, removal of the damaged material should be handled with caution; the spores will spread easily as they’re being moved. Carefully place smaller items and debris in trash bags. You’ll need to wrap larger pieces such as moldy carpet or drywall in polyethylene sheeting and securely seal it with duct tape. Dispose of these materials as quickly and carefully as possible to avoid any unnecessary contamination.
4. Use the Appropriate Cleaning Products
Bleach has long been thought of as the go-to mold killer. Little do most people know, bleach actually provides a breeding ground for mold growth. It doesn’t even get rid of the mold; it merely changes the mold’s color so that it’s not as obvious. Borax is the ideal cleaning product, as it prevents the growth of mold.
If your home has experienced mold damage in Queens, NY you can feel confident contacting mold remediation professionals. They’ll handle all of your mold cleaning needs and promptly return your home to its pre-loss condition.